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A Healthy Body for a Healthy Mind


Our Ideology

At BeWellness we believe striking a balance between a healthy mind, body and soul is fundamental on the journey to a sense of wellbeing.   We aim to support staff to strengthen relationships, reduce stress, sickness and therefore achieve a better sense of wellness. Healthier and happier staff will lead to higher energy levels, have a positive impact on your organisations goals and contribute to staffs' self care.


The Challenge

With so much media focus on the importance of  exercise and fitness- It’s no secret that a healthy body helps develop a healthy mind.  The NHS emphasises the importance on physical fitness to maintain good mental health. Leeds Becket University stated that 54% of teachers surveyed suffered from mental health issues.  Inevitability having a negative effect on pupil attainment. BeWellness believes we can help. Our service can reduce the cost of staff absence and develop better mental health for your workforce.  We aim to bring the fitness instructor to you and your establishment.

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The BeWellness Concept

BeWellness have devised a range of body and mind sessions, which will support your staff to feel energised and healthy.  Our highly skilled trainers will take your teams through a series of aerobic workouts. We aim to reduce stress and increase a sense of wellbeing. We offer stand alone or weekly sessions conveniently located at your premises.

How it works

Our skilled, friendly and qualified fitness instructors will come to your location to offer sessions that last one hour.  The sessions include a range of activities to engage the body. Each session has a warm up, fitness circuit and cool down.

We offer bespoke packages with a time frame to suit your requirements and your staff needs. All abilities welcome and encouraged to join.  At BeWellness we believe that a healthy body, will lead to a healthy mind and a better sense of wellness.

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Outdoor Aerobics

How to book

Booking is simple. Send us an email with your location and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and pricing.  All participants will need to sign a pre exercise questionnaire before they can participate in the sessions. This will be sent to you before the first session.


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